Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Baseball trivia question

There's a baseball (trivia) question I was always curious about.  So, I decided to do a bit of research to try to figure out an answer.

The question is actually more interesting than the answer ... so, for now, I'll give you the answer, and see if you can figure out the question.  It has nothing to do with sabermetrics, and it has a pop culture aspect to it, so you won't get it just by looking at baseball statistics.


For hitters, the answer is: Dave Schneck (followed by Loren Babe).

For pitchers, the answer is: Marshall Bridges (followed by Jim Duckworth).



-- The question has to be slightly altered between pitchers/hitters.

-- It's nothing complicated. You can pretty much ask the question in 10 or 15 words.

-- My research may be bad.  But even if I got the wrong answer, you can probably still figure out the question, I think.

-- The timeframe is from the early 50s to now, which is a good hint.  

-- I'd be surprised if the answer changed in my lifetime.

-- Depending how you phrase the question, the answer for hitters *could* be, "Tony Horton, by a mile."  (Which, I think, could be another hint for some people on the pop culture side.)


Answer next post ... by that time, I might have more results from my programming to answer some other related questions.

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At Tuesday, June 25, 2013 6:10:00 PM, Anonymous Brandon Z said...

Many of these guys had strange issues that kept them from playing for their teams for a long time. Tony Horton had confidence issues at the plate.
Marshall Bridges was shot in the leg and ultimately got traded. Duckworth had a fear of flying.

Loren Babe's bat was used by Mickey Mantle in his "Tape Measure" home run.

Just some parallels I'm drawing but have not put it all together yet.


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