Friday, May 30, 2014

May, 2014 issue of "By the Numbers"

"By the Numbers" is the statistical analysis publication of SABR (The Society for American Baseball Research).  

A new issue is now available. Here's the SABR link (.pdf). If that doesn't work, you can always find it at my own website.  If you like it and want back issues, the SABR link is here.

There are three articles in the issue.

-- First, Charlie Pavitt reviews "The Sabermetric Revolution," the recent book by Ben Baumer and Andrew Zimbalist.

-- Next, Don Coffin argues that the biggest statistical change in baseball, over the decades, is something other than home runs.

-- Finally, John F. McDonald tries some variations on the Pythagorean and "10 runs equals one win" estimators, to see if accuracy can be improved.

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