Monday, August 14, 2006

A Response to Win Shares: A Partial Defense of Linear Weights

In a new article written for this blog, Charlie Pavitt defends the Linear Weights system against some Bill James criticisms:

"One of the impressions that reading [Win Shares] left me with is the seemingly constant attacks Bill makes in this book against Pete Palmer’s Linear Weights player evaluation system ... I believe these attacks to be at least partly misguided, in that, at least implicitly, Pete’s system is attempting to do something quite a bit different than Bill’s system is."

Click for the full article, "A Response to Win Shares: A Partial Defense of Linear Weights."

For those of you not familiar with Charlie's work, he regularly writes reviews of sabermetric studies for "By the Numbers." (Click here, scroll down for current and back issues.) He also maintains an indispensable sabermetric bibliography.


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